Schreier Industrial is committed to operating as an accuracy-controlled enterprise (ACE) with a three-tiered (3T) approach to engineering, fabrication, assembly, and installation. We’re also dedicated to supporting other ACE operations and providing the services clients and other customers need. As an accuracy-controlled enterprise, we work with many predictive technologies and maintenance programs to generate an assurance of quality control and precision. From the design and fabrication of different equipment to the integration of new systems into your facilities, our ACE 3T program streamlines the process, provides precise installation, and protects new and old equipment on your operations floor.


An effective ACE operation utilizes the 3T approach of target-tolerance-test in all areas of its quality control program. This ensures precision and eliminates the potential of failure in the future.


Target: Our ACE program starts with a targeting system that pinpoints areas that are not performing at peak efficiency. This might be a piece of equipment that requires maintenance or it might be a fault in a full system. Targeting might also reveal equipment and systems that are outdated or unsuited to where or how they were installed. Once a flaw or potential for improvement is targeted, our team moves on to determine the tolerance.


Tolerance: To properly install, update, or repair a flaw in the system or potential for improvement, our team has to understand the tolerance of your facilities and the new equipment or program that will be integrated. This can manifest in several ways. For example, if you are integrating a new maintenance program with predictive, preventative, and reactive capabilities, we have to determine how effective it will be at peak operation and the range in which it can operate at less than peak efficiency and still be acceptably effective. Once this tolerance range is determined, we can test the integrated system.


Test: Testing a fixed flaw or updated system requires rigorous monitoring of the full assembly onsite, and testing of individual components onsite or in our own testing facilities. To accurately test a system, various predictive technologies are useful for a comprehensive analysis. We apply state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions, including vibration and oil analysis, thermal diagnostics, ultrasonic air leak detectors, acoustic monitoring, and many other specialized diagnostic tools. We also examine data gathered over a specific period and analyze the quality of that system in extended operation.


Our ACE 3T system has proved successful in countless applications, from the smallest update to a software system to a full overhaul of a manufacturing facility. To learn more about Schreier Industrial as an accuracy-controlled enterprise or to get started with us today, contact us at (218) 402-0838 or