CMMS Systems Implementation

In the 1980s and onward, more and more digital, computerized manufacturing technology came into the industrial world. Gone were the days when penciled notes of equations, inventory records, and other handwritten information filled filing cabinets. Today, virtually all information for the majority of industries is generated, stored, and transferred through software and other digital means. The analysis and treatment of equipment is one aspect of manufacturing that has been reconciled into computerized applications, from the use of digital imaging systems to online storage of maintenance schedules. When it comes to integrating maintenance records and schedules into a digital format, computer maintenance management software (CMMS) systems are one of the most valuable tools to many types of facilities. With the help of Schreier Industrial services, you can integrate comprehensive CMMS Systems into your maintenance program.


CMMS systems were developed in the mid-1970s, but were expanded into what they are today with the technology boom of the 2000s onward. Now, CMMS systems provide ongoing inspections of equipment status, storage of data gathered, and information analysis of that data, all adding up to a quality preventative maintenance schedule. The structure of these software programs paired with mechanized systems varies, but all provide the same benefits.

Benefits of CMMS Software

Recordkeeping: One job of your CMMS system is to analyze your equipment, gather comprehensive data based on that analysis, and diagnose the whole of that data to understand what maintenance is needed and when. However, the system is also key in storing all the data, diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, and performed maintenance in a complete, well-organized way. This recordkeeping is critical for true preventative maintenance.

Longevity: Because CMMS machines gather, store, and analyze data on the condition of your equipment, you can create a well-oiled preventative maintenance program. This program keeps your machines working at peak capacity longer, thereby extending their total longevity as well.

Cost-effective: The result of an efficient CMMS system is reduced emergency maintenance that could easily be avoided. Eliminating the majority of expensive repairs with regular diagnostics and maintenance also greatly reduces the cost of repairs. In fact, CMMS systems are one of the most cost-effective computerized maintenance programs.

Quality Control: Thanks to the great condition CMMS systems can keep your facilities in and the extensive data they provide, your in-house quality control for production can rapidly improve. Without delays from repairs, potential faults in equipment, and any other compromises, CMMS supports full quality-control capabilities.

With all of these benefits and more, you can see improvements in other areas as well, including overall increases in net profit. To learn more about CMMS systems and how Schreier Industrial can help you determine the right system, integration methods, and projected management contact us at (218) 402-0838 today.