In today’s rapidly advancing technological world, the digital components of an industrial facility are of equal importance to the physical equipment. For any application, the software programs used in design, fabrication, assembly, and packing are evolving each year. Keeping your facility at state-of-the-art standards requires diligent updates to current software programs and the integration of new programs when needed.


Software upkeep can be a difficult task for many manufacturers because digital maintenance is a very different process than the production specialization any given manufacturer provides. Digital maintenance requires a unique skill set and a knowledge of computer science. To help manufacturers uphold the quality of their facilities and maintain a strong reliability program for the production schedule, Schreier Industrial provides comprehensive integration for new software programs and updates of existing software.


Manufacturers of all shapes and sizes can integrate software into their reliability program from the ground up. A quality reliability program uses software at many stages to ensure a streamlined system of design, fabrication, testing, finishing, packaging, and shipping with manufacturing processes that reduce cost and time, improve efficiency, and create a quality product.


Schreier Industrial provides the guidance and services that are vital to effective software integration in all areas of a facility, from the CAD/CAM design programs that are critical for prototyping to the CMMS systems that track and project equipment maintenance.

Common areas of a typical manufacturing facility that can utilize various software programs include:


  • CAD programs used in prototype design
  • CAM programs used during manufacturing
  • CNC programs used in machining, milling, tooling, laser cutting/marking, finishing, printing, and more
  • Testing software for prototypes and finished products
  • Data collection and analysis of components including oil analysis, thermography, vibration analysis, and more
  • Inventory management programs including spare parts, cleaning supplies, staff supplies, tools, maintenance products, and other items stored in-house
  • Monitoring systems for manufacturing equipment
  • CMMS and other maintenance scheduling systems for preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Bookkeeping programs
  • Project management programs including scheduling, role delegation, blueprinting, and more


Many more advanced software programs are used in each industry, varying in application depending on the specialization of the manufacturer. Schreier Industrial provides the software integration needed to successfully implement digital programs at optimal capacity. Our systems integration services give our customers the opportunity to learn the function, user requirements, and tools a program offers without having to waste valuable costs in outsourcing IT services.


With comprehensive software programs integrated into your facilities, you can expand and strengthen your company’s reliability program. To learn more about software integration and our other services, contact Schreier Industrial at (218) 402-0838 today.