Schreier Industrial is dedicated to operating as a comprehensive provider of remedies for all the needs of our customers in addition to supporting the growth of intelligent facilities and predictive maintenance programs across industries. To accomplish this, we offer advice and support you can apply across all aspects of your facilities and practices. The support and guidance our expert team members provide include engineering services, asset management, maintenance services, software integration, MRO storeroom implementation, CMMS system implementation, new system integrations, project management, and our own manufacturing/repair services. By outsourcing manufacturing, repairs, and refurbishment to Schreier Industrial technicians, you can benefit from our innovative solutions and comprehensive technical capabilities.

Our equipment refurbishment capabilities include electrical motors, gearbox and drive components, and pneumatic and hydraulic components. The benefits of a complete refurbishment rather than continued repairs or full replacements are many, but it can be difficult to determine when and why you should have a full refurbishment.

Schreier Industrial’s expert technicians perform full assessments and diagnostics to determine if your equipment requires refurbishment, and then provide any repairs or refurbishing needed.


Refurbish vs. Repair vs. Replace

While all three of these maintenance services offer the same result (properly functioning equipment), they are very different approaches to solving a problem.

Repairs target a break in the system and work to fix that break without any adjustments to the unbroken parts of that system. Refurbishments overhaul a whole system, returning that system to a like-new condition. Replacements remove damaged or ineffective systems as a whole and install brand new equipment. Each of these techniques has its place in a maintenance program, but refurbishment should only be applied in very specific circumstances.

Refurbishment Applications

When the cost of repairs accumulated over a period of time are more than the cost of a full overhaul, refurbishment or replacement are more cost effective. If the system you plan to overhaul would not benefit from a more current design, then a refurbishment is your most cost-effective option.

For example, if you have an electrical motor that currently costs about $150 a month in repairs, that system will cost you $3,600 over the course of two years. It would cost $3,000 to replace it with a new model or $2,500 to refurbish, and there haven’t been any significant changes to this system in recent years. Because two years is the standard time period in which this type of motor (new or refurbished) will run at peak capacity without needing any major repairs, it will be more cost effective for you to refurbish this system. A quality refurbishment will return your system to original conditions, giving you two years of reliable function at lowest cost.


Our team of manufacturing technicians provides comprehensive refurbishments for electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic motors, gearboxes, and drive components, which covers a wide range of industrial equipment. To learn more about our field services and why outsourcing manufacturing to Schreier Industrial is right for you, contact us at (218) 402-0838 today.