Maintenance is a key component in determining the quality of any manufacturing facility. Simply put, if you don’t maintain the equipment, tools, and facilities used to build your products, your results will lower in quality, reliability, and value. You’ll essentially have a half-life put on your operations.


Maintenance takes many forms, and often all are used in a quality manufacturing facility. When used together, the reactive maintenance steps taken to fix a broken part, the routine preventative maintenance performed to limit failures, and the predictive maintenance used to pinpoint when a part will fail are hallmarks of an intelligent, quality manufacturing operation.


Schreier Industrial provides comprehensive maintenance services for a range of industries with a focus on the precision and prediction our technicians can provide. One aspect of our complete maintenance services is advanced oil analysis used in predictive maintenance programs.


Engines, gearboxes, and other machinery that utilize oil or synthetic formulas for lubrication require routine oil changes and upkeep. These pieces of equipment perform high-stress manufacturing tasks, and without proper, clean lubrication, will fail quickly or over time. Oil analysis is the most efficient maintenance process for predicting and preventing their failure. Schreier Industrial provides laboratory analysis of any oil or synthetics used at your facilities.


Our oil analysis procedures are broken into three areas of diagnostics:

  1. Oil properties: Our oil analysis technicians perform advanced analysis of the properties of an oil base and any additives included in the formula. This analysis checks the accuracy of the formula to determine if the oil is functioning properly and will not degrade faster than projected. It also examines the application of the oil to determine if the specific formula is suited to the equipment it is meant to lubricate.


  1. Contaminants: In some cases, oil and synthetic formulas can be exposed to contaminants other than typical debris from wear and tear. Chemical contaminants and debris may be introduced in the manufacturing of the oil, leached from the oil container, or even exposed to the oil in your facilities. Our technicians examine oils for any unwanted particulates or chemicals that could compromise your equipment.


  1. Debris: Because oil and synthetic formulas act as lubricants for metal-based equipment, they will catch debris from normal wear and tear. Shards and shavings of metals or other machinery materials will accumulate in oils over time. Our technicians can determine how quickly the debris has been collecting and project when an oil should be changed. This aspect of oil analysis also determines if an oil is still functioning properly or if it’s too old or contaminated for your equipment.


Our oil analysis services are a key component of precision-based predictive maintenance. To learn more about oil analysis and our other maintenance services, contact Schreier Industrial at (218) 402-0838 today.