All types of industrial facilities and equipment require constant maintenance to sustain operations with quality control in place. A significant part of that maintenance involves keeping various aspects of the facility and equipment clean and clear of contamination. This fact may seem so obvious that it can seem ineffective to dedicate project management and quality control energy to implementing a preventative maintenance program. However, because cleaning maintenance is often the primary preventive step taken to protecting equipment and extending its longevity, even a little project management can improve your cleaning capabilities exponentially. At Schreier Industrial, we understand the importance of applying a structured project management mindset to cleaning practices, and the key role options for different types of cleaning play in all fabrication services.

Schreier Industrial provides comprehensive services to help our customer find innovative and practical solutions for all industrial design, fabrication, assembly, packing, and shipping projects. Our team of dedicated design and fabrication specialists works with clients on a broad range of projects to upgrade their facilities in all areas. Preventative maintenance programs include integrating new, more efficient cleaning maintenance implementations like Clean in Place (CIP) and Clean Out of Place (COP) capabilities.

Clean in Place (CIP)

CIP systems can be integrated into your facilities to clean equipment large and small without removing them to a separate cleaning location. Cleaning equipment is either built around the systems it will wash, or it can be easily transported to the location of the equipment to be cleaned. Common CIP solutions are made up of components including:

● supply pumps for cleaning materials
● return pumps for waste after cleaning
● chemical tanks
● portable water tanks
● steam supply
● supply pressure gauges
● supply temperature readers
● conduction sensors

Clean Out of Place (COP)

COP systems work to take an equipment assembly or component out of its location on the facility floor to a dedicated cleaning center. COP is a versatile way to maintain almost every piece of equipment in your building. These cleaning systems can house a range of cleaning equipment and many different cleaning products, standard or specialty, can be applied.

Both CIP and COP systems have their advantages. CIP is a highly efficient way to clean heavy, complex, or difficult-to-move equipment. It provides an effective way to conserve employee energy and time. COP is beneficial for its versatility in cleaning different parts and provides a thorough cleaning for even the most intricate components.

We recommend every facility make full use of both CIP and COP systems, and we can help you determine the best way to integrate your cleaning capabilities and develop a preventative maintenance program. To learn more about our full fabrication services, contact Schreier Industrial at (218) 402-0838 today.