Many different types of software and digital processing systems are being developed every day, including updates to existing systems, package expansions, and brand-new tools. In today’s highly technologically advanced world, software systems and computerized controls are integrated into almost every part of any given industrial manufacturing setting. Industrial software programs significantly change the way we look at manufacturing and engineering processes. One aspect of the industrial world for any facility that has been greatly improved, thanks to digitalization, is maintenance. At Schreier Industrial, we understand the important role software systems for maintenance programs play in a production space. Thanks to the development of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS systems), maintenance scheduling and advanced predictive practices can be integrated into even the most complex, large-scale, industrial facility.


CMMS software programs are gaining more and more importance in industrial settings since their first development in the 1970s. Because many other aspects of the industrial process are becoming computer-controlled with corresponding software systems, CMMS controls are key for keeping track of the maintenance program with continued communication to other areas of your facility.


One important aspect of a good CMMS system is the tracking and recording of inventory for every item that passes through your facility. Whether it’s a product that will be integrated into a new assembly you fabricate, a cleaning product used daily on your equipment, coffee for your staff, or a raw material you will process, your inventory needs careful supervision with an intelligent, user-friendly system. This is especially true if you operate on lean manufacturing and kanban/kaizen practices.


These ideals are part of a manufacturing philosophy first implemented in Toyota production plants in Japan during the 1970s. Today, they are a widespread industrial belief system with practices that eliminate waste, improve costs, streamline efficiency in production, and create a well-oiled fabrication machine that can apply to even the most intricate production facilities. For any lean manufacturer, CMMS systems are vital in keeping inventory up to date by the minute. Any components, maintenance materials, assemblies, spare parts, and other fuel for the fire of production are key in spreading inventory stock status as thin as possible in a quality lean manufacturing setting.


If you want to improve lean manufacturing production and overall promote a quality maintenance program for your facility, CMMS systems are the way to start that growth. To learn more about CMMS and other maintenance program ideals, or to find out more information on how lean manufacturing can benefit from the integration of other software and industrial systems, contact Schreier Industrial at (218) 402-0838 or