No matter what the scale of your manufacturing operation or other type of facility is, a system of reliable, long-term direction through the format of a standard operating procedure (SOP) is critical for many reasons. Not only do SOPs create a resource of training materials and process references, they also establish a foundation of reassurance and a baseline of logical operational guidelines. The idea of creating a log of SOPs for any type of process in any given workplace is a common and key aspect of an effective reliability program. If you are in the process of setting up or improving your reliability program for your workplace, Schreier Industrial can provide guidance, comprehensive knowledge from work with a variety of past clients, and expert understanding of many industries. Our team of skilled project managers, reliability program veterans, technicians, and administrators can offer advice, information, and overall assistance in the development of SOPs in any type of facility.


Since employment turnover rates have continued to increase, it’s been necessary to have comprehensive databases of how a workplace operates with detailed information on who, what, where, when, why, and how employees do their job.


In addition to the necessary information on the WWH standardized processes, SOPs are necessary to give employees an understanding of the facility overall, including equipment, software, computer systems, products, production process, maintenance, and other technology.

The benefits of SOPs are many, and include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Quality Control: With an SOP established whenever possible, your facility can continually improve the quality of production from start to finish. If your employees are able to fact check any given process of manufacturing, ordering, shipping, packing, cleaning, maintaining, storing, and all areas of work procedures, they can have access to a basic standard of quality that can be improved as they learn best practices and become more knowledgeable of the job over time.
  2. Training: SOPs are also a primary source of training material. New employees can reference SOPs to learn the correct process on the job without having to take costly and timely training courses. This also ensures consistency from employee to employee, so even in the face of turnover, your facility maintains its foundational operations.
  3. Growth: Because SOPs ensure a foundation of quality and standard practices, your company will be able to establish future growth in many ways. Growth in operational size, product variety and quality, workforce, long-term reliability, maintenance programs, and much more is all possible, thanks to the use of SOPs.
  4. Cost-savings: SOPs allow for improved quality, training, and future growth, and so they are a cost-saving aspect of any business in many ways in addition to what’s listed here. Generating SOPs for every part of your facility and workforce offers efficiency and cost-effectiveness in any reliability program.


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